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Panama Canal Drought Impacts

Traffic in the Panama Canal is increasing, track the latest impacts here.

August Brazil Transportation Performance

Get the latest updates on ocean and truckload transportation in Brazil.

Canadian West Port Strike: Impact on
Vancouver and Prince Rupert Ports

Explore the impacts of the ongoing labor negotiations in Canada

Cyberattack at the Port of Nagoya and the Impacts

Explore the impacts of the cyberattack at the Port of Nagoya

The Impacts of Droughts Near the Panama Canal: A Deep Dive into Supply Chain Disruptions

Droughts plague the Panama Canal, see the impacts this could have on supply chains here

The Impacts of Labor Strikes on the West Coast: A Deep Dive into Supply Chain Disruptions

Take a deep dive into the impacts that the West Coast labor disputes had on supply chains

Nearshoring: The Shift from China to
Mexico as a US Manufacturing Partner

Manufacturing for US companies is shifting to Mexico. Find out why here.

April State of Transportation-Ocean

Check out the latest trends in Ocean Data here.

State of Global Container Shipping Market August-22

Japanese Port Dwell-March 2023

View import and export dwell at major Japan ports.


Brazil State of Transportation-March

Learn more about the state of transportation in Brazil here.