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South Korean Truckers’ Strike Continues

project44 recorded a 497% rise in the dwell time since the start of the strikes on Nov 24, for import containers at the port of Busan, with containers having to wait for nearly seven days at the port, on average.

Mexico Exports to the U.S. Rising

Following the rise in demand for Mexican-built products in the US in the second half of 2022, Mexico, the second-largest economy in Latin America, is experiencing an export boom.

Shifting Trade Patterns Emerge in Post-COVID Era

Since manufacturers have started to diversify their overreliance on China, the volume of trade between the EU and the U.S. has increased significantly. Learn more.

Strike Activity in South Korea Causes Major Supply Chain Delays

South Korean truckers are on strike since Nov 24 asking for permanent wage security. Access to major ports are now blocked leading to significant decline in vessel TEU capacity handled. Learn more.

Photograph: James Ross/EPA

Australian Supply Chain in Distress

Excessive flooding, train derailment, strike action. It’s all happening in Australia. Check out our latest news brief to know the complete story. (Photograph: James Ross/EPA)

November 2022 Peak Season Report

Truckload peak season 2022 has resulted in minimal impact on the On-Time Performance. Last Mile, which is more susceptible to peak season-related delays, has witnessed an increase in carrier diversification to avoid the bottlenecks present during peak season 2021.