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Last Mile-Cyber Week Performance

Last mile peak season is off to a strong start, get the latest details here.

Last Mile Transportation Prepares for Peak Season

Last mile is the strongest it has been since pre-Covid gearing up for peak season, take a closer look at the latest trends.

August State of Last Mile Transportation

"2023's last-mile trends: on-time gains, rapid deliveries, diverse carriers, customer happiness

Delivering on Time: The Last Mile Battle to Exceed Consumer Delivery Demands

Explore the push for lower delivery times in the last mile market

State of Last Mile-May 2023

Read about the latest trends in Last Mile delivery here

April State of Transportation-Last Mile

View the current trends in Last Mile deliveries here.

Last Mile Parcel 2022: On-Time Performance Improves, Carrier Pool Diversifies, Porch Pirates Persist

Take a look for a 2022 recap of last mile performance and its improvements over 2021.

Last Mile Peak Season 2022

Smooth Sailing for Santa-Last Mile Peak Performance

How does last mile performance for this peak season compare to 2021? Take a look at the latest data here.